Saturday, August 23, 2008

Class Cakes

These are the cakes we made in the decorating classes I took:

Rainbow Cake--the first one we made/decorated in class

Keep in mind--that was my first. I have made GREAT improvements since then ;)

Our final cake from Course 1 (learning how to do roses):

In the 2nd course, we learned how to use fondant. So here is my 1st cake using fondant:

In course 3, we learned tier cakes. So here is my 1st tiered cake:


The Robinsons said...

I am very impressed - are the roses in the last cake fondant? Awesome Kari!

Karilyn said...

Thanks!! Yes, they are fondant roses. MUCH easier than buttercream, but more time consuming I think.

Wendy: aka MOMMY said...

THESE LOOK SO AWESOME KARI!!! I swear you are always so creative, and in more ways than one. Keep it up.